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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ab'jarin Phonology & Letters

The following is the phonology and letters of Ab'jarin (/abʔjarin/):

Sound (IPA) Letter Name (IPA)Example (Sound Underlined, Bolded)
aat Similar to a British "father"
e et ate
ʌ ʌt American English "cut"
ɪ ɪtlid
i itme
u ut lute
y ty French "tu"
ɛ ɛt bet
ɔ thought
æ æt cat
o ot moat
Ī lie
oi toi boy
t ti time
p pi past
d di date
k ki king; cave
g gi gate
ʤ ʤe jail
ʃ ʃi shave
ʦ iʦ (archaic letter) newts
w wi west
j ji yellow
v vi vest
f fi fire
r riregal
Ɵ; ð Ɵi paththen
n ni neck
m mi mist
b bi battle
l li last
z zi zest
s si same
ʧ ʧi chapter
ʒ ʒi vision
ŋ ŋi english; fling
ʔ jo ʧo (A glottal stop) the pause following /t/ in "mountain"

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