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Monday, August 22, 2016

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost, translated into Ab'jarin.

Line Number Verses
Line 1 English Nature's first green is gold,
Line 2 English Her hardest hue to hold,
Line 3 EnglishHer early leaf's a flower,
Line 4 English But only so an hour,
Line 5 English Then leaf subsides to leaf,
Line 6 English As Eden sank to grief,
Line 7 English And dawn goes down to day,
Line 8 English Nothing gold can stay... 
Line 1 Ab'jarin av wɛʤ twul ŋæ ipʌ,
Line 2 Ab'jarin stæk ko nɔ ɪkæ gɛnʧ glet i,
Line 3 Ab'jarin av ko nɔ ɪnɛt wɛ wapt pʌ,
Line 4 Ab'jarin ʃʌm av pʌb ipʌz hĪ pʌ,
Line 5 Ab'jarin bɛko wɛ kso wɛ i
Line 6 Ab'jarin jɪlta edɛn mbsar ɛk tɛ i,
Line 7 Ab'jarin tro gen ʤu du Ɵɔz bo i, 
Line 8 Ab'jarin kso avo twul dæk.
Line 1 Gloss is nature green first
Line 2 Gloss hold it female OWN.color hard-ultimate to
Line 3 Gloss is it female OWN.flower leaf early a
Line 4 Glossbut is hour only for one
Line 5 Gloss fade.FUT leaf after leaf to
Line 6 Gloss sink.PAST Eden as death sad[ness] to 
Line 7 Gloss and go down up-sun day to
Line 8 Gloss stay.FUT [lit. "present to be.FUT"] gold nothing.

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