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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Colors 1

Here is a list of colors in Ab'jarin.

Word English Translation
pæ Black
ʃæ Red
ŋæ Green
ʤæ Yellow
ʤæʃæ Yellow-red (orange)
bæʃæ White-red (pink)
bozʃæ Light red
pozʃæ Dark red
kæ ʃoʃæ Blood red (Literally: "Color Blood")
tæʃæ Blue-red (purple)
bozpæ  Light black (grey)
boztæ  Light blue
poztæ  Dark blue
bozŋæ  Light green
pozŋæ  Dark green
fɛkæ Brown (Literally: "Earth Color")
Color (placed before a word to indicate that what you are speaking of is of that color. See "Blood red" above).

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