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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nouns Regarding People 1

This is the first set of nouns regarding people.

Word English Translation
ʃo A person; A human
ʃom A male person; A man 
ʃon A female person; A woman
sa A head
sta A hand
sma A leg
ste An arm
eʒɔr A singer; A musician 
ot An ear
ʃok A father
ʃog A mother
A god
jɔr A king
ejɔʃ A ruler
ʧɔ Hair
sme A foot
ɪt ʃo  A child (Literally: "person young")
koda An eye
ʌki A heart
ʃov A company (of people)
rɔl ʃo A comrade; A friend (Literally: "like person")
ʌk ʃo A lover; A loved one (Literally: "love person")
e'ɛg A killer
saʃ A face
ʤoʃ A voice
nrɔl ʃo An enemy (Literally: "unlike person")

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