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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Syllable and Sentence Structure

Syllable and Sentence Structure in Ab'jarin

Syllable Structure:


Sentence Structure:

Verb-Subject-Object (VSO)

Example: Run I door to the.

Adjectives, adverbs, adpostions, determiners, and any other modifiers follow the word that they modify.


house big red two to the

Noun-adjective-adjective-numerical determiner-adposition-determiner

Verbs can act as gerunds, taking the place of the object of the sentence.

Example: I love to live

In this sentence, the infinitive of the verb "to live" acts as the object of the sentence, as opposed to a verb (love being the verb in this sentence). 


  1. So what is (H) in your syllable structure there? Can you give us a maximal syllable (i.e. one that includes all optional features)?

    1. The (H) represents a semi-vowel or a liquid, inserted between a consonant and the vowel.

    2. As for a maximal syllable, I do not know what it would be. I've fixed the original post to have the consonants before or after the vowel be (C)^X. As long as I can say it, and it is a single syllable, it is legal.

      As for what the largest syllable in terms of sounds so far, that would be [ksopt], an adjective meaning late.

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