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Monday, August 22, 2016

Ab'jarin Script

Ab'jarin Alphabet

Ab'jarin is written in a vertical script, with a sentence beginning with a horizontal line. Sentences end with another horizontal line, with two short vertical lines on each end. A vertical line on the right of the horizontal line only indicates a pause in speech, without the end of the sentence (this can be a pause that is grammatical, and thus not spoken, or purely a spoken pause, as seen in this script, as it is a song). Horizontal lines separate words. Normally, the end of a sentence would then be immediately followed by the start of the next one, without the start of a new column, as I did here. The reason for this break is because it is artistic. 

Ab'jarin is top to bottom, left to right. So, you would start with the leftmost column, then follow it down to its end, then jump back up to the top of the next column to the right.  

A note for the alphabet, as I do not have the best handwriting: /a/ is a left facing triangle, without the vertical line on the end (as I wrote it, the letter looks more like that of /f/).

/ŋ/ is a bit unclear. It is the vertical line that continues between words, with two triangles back to back, forming a square on its side with a vertical line halving it.

Ab'jarin Sample Script ("The Walking Song" from The Lord of the Rings)

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