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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Word Modifiers

Here is a list of vital modifiers (excluding verb conjugation) in Ab'jarin.

Modifier (IPA) Meaning
u- or uʔ- Denotes Plurality
ɪ- or ɪʔ- (On an object) Denotes Ownership to the subject
-an or -ʔanModifies a noun into a verb
e- or eʔ- Modifies a verb to indicate that it is of a person
i- or iʔ- Modifies a noun or verb to make it an adjective or adverb, respectively, meaning characterized by. Same as English -y.
i- or iʔ- Ibid, but with numbers, goes from "one" --> "first"; "two" --> "second"; etc. 

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