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Monday, August 22, 2016

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

"Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost, translated into Ab'jarin

Line Number Verses
Line 1 English Some say the world will end in fire,
Line 2 English Some say in ice.
Line 3 EnglishFrom what I've tasted of disire
Line 4 English I hold with those who favour fire.
Line 5 English But if I had to perish twice,
Line 6 English I think I know enough of hate
Line 7 English To say that for destruction of ice
Line 8 English Is also great
Line 9 English And would suffice.
Line 1 Ab'jarin ɪʤ ʃni joʃ iʃ rĪko Ɵiz eʒ
Line 2 Ab'jarin ɪʤ ʃni ŋɔlz eʒ
Line 3 Ab'jarinsmɛƟa he zĪ zo fɔg ty
Line 4 Ab'jarinstæk zo vo iƟiz ʌk ngab hi
Line 5 Ab'jarinʃʌm jĪano ɛko izʌ ry zo
Line 6 Ab'jarinwæg zo wæk zo rubik amaka
Line 7 Ab'jarinɪʤ gvo iŋɔlz hĪ iʃ
Line 8 Ab'jarinav lʌr gle
Line 9 Ab'jarintro amakaano
Line 1 Glosssay some world the end.FUT fire in
Line 2 Glosssay some ice in
Line 3 Glosstaste.PAST what from I desire of
Line 4 Glosshold I those with who. 
Line 5 Glossbut experience.FUT die.FUT twice if I 
Line 6 Glossthink I know I hate enough of
Line 7 Glosssay destruction for the
Line 8 Glossis also great
Line 9 Glossand suffice.FUT

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